Success Stories

I have worked with plenty of clients on their amazing projects. Although all of them have been successes, there are afew notable ones that exceeded expectations and delivered mind blowing results.

Industry: Global Immigration

Clients Serviced 8

Sunrise International | Emperor Group | My Udaan Immigration | Milestone Immigration | ABS Consultants | Skyway Consultancy | Achiever Consulants | Destination Overseas


Facebook | Instagram | Google Ads

The Problem

One of the most challenging projects I took up in 2016. Initially, I was introduced to the extremely competitive industry, where immigration and study abroad consultants were in desparate need of quality leads which they werent getting but had spent a lot of money to acquire from various sources with disappointing results.

The Solution

I took a very disciplined approach to the problem. I first studied the campaigns indepth, understood the type of audiences the clients wanted to reach out to, the budgets the clients could spend for each campaign and then identified the areas of improvements. Then I optimised the existing campaigns, conducted A/B tests. With the results that were achieved from the AB tests, I laid a marketing plan for each month and implemented it. The results were instant and amazing. The lead quality growth has never stopped ever since.

Success Statistics
# Year Leads Spends (INR) CPL (INR)
1 2016 2100 5200 2.47
2 2017 5600 9300 1.66
3 2018 7700 10100 1.33
4 2019 13400 20200 1.50
5 2020 7500 19300 2.57